Beautiful Health Breakthrough VIP (Very Inspired Person) Program

90-day Health & Wellness program with a Self-Love and Self-Acceptance approach

What you get:

  • Breakthrough in Confidence & Self-Worth
  • 90-day Wellness Plan with Thoughtful Intentions
  • Recipes & Inspiration
  • You will be a healthy eating professional & a role model for others
  • Love your body completely and feel better on Mental & Spiritual level
  • Holistic Nutrition Education & Support on your Wellness Journey
  • Healthy, Peaceful and Delicious food will become part of your Lifestyle
  • Feel great about your body

What we do:

  • Awareness: Creating Concrete Foundation for Real Health
  • Focus, Clear Intention, and Affirmation for each week and month
  • M-Thursday email coaching
  • Two 30-minute phone coaching sessions a month to get past obstacles
  • Educational Videos & Down-to-Earth Information
  • Program Calendar Outline
  • Recipes
  • 3 Reiki Sessions over the course of the program (Can be in person or distance healing)
  • 1 Customized Essential Oil Roller Blend just for you

You will learn how to eat a balanced plant based diet, let go of sugar, how to add in superfoods, live the principles of mindful eating, and reach your goals in 3 months or less.

Schedule your 20 minute FREE consultation to see if you are a good fit for the program (916) 952-7511 or

Testimonial From Judy:

“I have been working with Stephanie for just a few weeks and I have already learned so much and I am incredibly inspired. I do my personal growth and spiritual work, but this food journey is my biggest undertaking yet. Just doing the food log has brought so much awareness to my everyday life. Overall, I really can see how much energy it takes for me to be present in regards to eating.
I got up today at 5:00am to ride my bike. First time in about a year. It felt so great! And then I did some yoga stretching when I got home. Yay! I’m so grateful to be working with Steph, I know that she is one of my great and wise teachers sent from Spirit. This may seem a little crazy that eating is such a big deal for my spiritual and emotional growth, but it is a HUGE (no pun intended) barrier to remove my proclivity for living in the past and live my present. It has been through this process that I can see just how much anxiety I am enduring that is not necessary. Anyone who has ever felt anxious can attest to how crippling this can be but I don’t think we realize how subtle anxiety can be. Stephanie has helped me see and understand all of this. But what’s more important, is that she provides compassion and lovingkindness to create space for me to work through all this. That is not something that is easily found for me. I can almost hear the glass walls shattering. I don’t think I could’ve connected this without doing the food log. And I couldn’t have gone on sometimes if I hadn’t felt so much love and support from her. Can “Thank You” ever be enough?”

Stephanie Dodds
Stephanie Dodds
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