Gifts for your Healthy Lifestyle Sweetheart

Got a healthy lifestyle sweetheart?

I get this question all of the time….. My babe is into this stuff, healthy eating, yoga, crystals, essential oils…. but where do I find this stuff?? I don’t even know where to start with the perfect yoga blanket?

Below are some last minute gift ideas (silly and practical) for the cutie in your life:

Yoga Joe’s – GI Joe’s doing yoga poses – guaranteed smile!
Magnetic Poetry – Yoga Kit – For Yoga words all over your fridge….
Thug Kitchen – Cook book full of laughs and real talk about eating real food!
Excalibur Food Dehydrator – so they can make flax crackers and kale chips to their hearts content…
Heart Ice Cube Trays – to make fancy kombuccha cocktails…
Abundance Candle – I mean, come on…
Passion Planner – This one is on my list, wink wink….
Meditation Cushion – must have!
Klean Kanteen with Bamboo cap – hippies love bamboo…
Best Chocolate ever – (duh)
Goddess Guidance Angel Cards – Because fun, and you never know what messages the Goddesses have for you!
Heavenly Bath Soak – Take a load off Sweetheart
Super Fancy Yoga Towel – Just getting spoiled now
Kale Shirt – making a veggie statement
Unicorn Mug – (this one on my list too)
Bullet Proof Coffee starter Kit OR Fat Burning Coffee/ Green Tea
Omega Juicer – Drink those greens!
Yoga blocks, mats, bolsters, and the PERFECT YOGA BLANKET (search “Recycled Plaid Blanket” )
Manuka Honey from New Zealand – heal anything with this stuff
Positive stickers, jewelry, essential oil blends at my Etsy site! 


Happy Love Day!




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