Feel it, don’t fight it……

Have you ever been so in love with life you thought that your heart might actually explode? The feeling of sending out love to every person you ever loved, to every person you ever despised, to every creature on the earth and thanking God for all of it?

Have you also been on the other side of that? Nothing seems to be working, like you are running up a hill and the dirt keeps crumbling below your feet and you feel like you are actually sliding down the hill the other way? Frustrated and at a loss, is life supposed to suck like this? Why is this so hard?

If you are here on this planet having a human experience, that answer is probably: YES. You know each well and intimately. Maybe one more than the other. Sometimes when I am so down in the dump, I try to channel those elated feelings. Come on, get there Steph. Don’t go down this dark rabbit hole right now. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t.

What I have found to be the most effective in turning the corner: FEEL YOUR FEELINGS!!!!

I have an invitation for you…. Next time you find yourself somewhere… (your choice) it could be anywhere. For the sake of mindful eating, let’s say this moment is half way through a chocolate bar, potato chips, coconut bliss ice-cream…. I invite you to ask yourself “What am I feeling right now, that I am trying not to feel?” What is it I AM REALLY FEELING? Lonely? Heartbroken? Frustration? Anger? Fear? Or my old favorite, not good enough? Really take a moment to pin point this. When you come up with a word, write it down. You may have two or 3 words, that’s fine, but try to keep it precise. And then let yourself FEEL that. FEEL it with no judgement.

Let’s say my feeling is frustration and loneliness, frustration about being lonely perhaps. I like to pretend I am having a little get together at my house and frustration and loneliness are guests at my party. They come, they knock on the door, they each have a tee-shirt with their name on them “frustration” and  “loneliness” and I greet them each with a hug. I welcome them. I give them a warm smile and just be with them, without judgement. (How many times have you wanted to slam the door in their face?) Next: I invite you to just sit with them, be with them.

No need for small talk, only embrace. Take a few deep breaths…. Then move on. Where are you at? Do you still need the chips? The ice cream?

Many times we are trying to mask something else, something we don’t want to feel. And we pay a very high cost for this with our health, our weight, and often loads of self-judgement and shame.

It’s time to let that all go. Try this out, I want to hear how it goes for you!

If you need support with this, I recommend two of my Essential Oil Roller ball blends:

Self-Love and Confidence: This Self-Love and Confidence blend was made by Stephanie with love for all the Goddesses out there that may need a little support owning their divine beauty. This blend consists of Young Living “Joy” along with Rose, Sandalwood, Lavender, Patchouli, Grapefruit, Orange, Geranium, and Ylang ylang. Carrier oil is Young Living V-6. Use roller on chest/heart to feel true love for the self and wild unbounded worthiness. Use on the wrists to enjoy the sweet feminine fragrance and create beauty that only YOU can throughout the day. Use on temples to create confident and capable mindset throughout the day. Set the intention, and let it ride! You are Worthy and Beautiful.

Let Go: this is an Amazing blend that is changing lives! Use this blend for all kinds of addictions, particularly good for Sugar addiction, Smoking Addiction, and Alcohol addiction when rolled on second chakra (hips/waste/belt area) bottoms of the feet, and in palms to smell for aroma therapy. This blend contains “Thieves” by Young Living, as well as black pepper, orange, clove, grapefruit, tea tree, and lemon.


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